Nicolas Blanchon - Freelance

Connect Your Enterprise Data

CAD / PLM / ERP Software Integration & Digital Continuity

Aerospace and Automotive Industry

Connecting the dots from Engineering to Manufacturing

With a solid background in the Aerospace industry, I’m specialized in CAD, PLM, and ERP software integration.

My mission consists in driving efficiently digital transformation projects, from diagnosis, requirements specifications, solution deployment, maintenance, and services operations.

I excel in delivering technology solutions like CAD migration and conversion, PDM data management, Architecture modernization, Technical Data communication.

I deliver technology solutions that streamline operations, enhance collaboration, and optimize business processes for your enterprise

By integrating a CAD software in your company, you’ll improve design and visualization capabilities, and obtain precise product definition.

You’ll be able to accelerate product development, reduces errors, enable efficient in-context design, and finally increase quality rates.

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You can streamline collaboration across your organization, from engineering to manufacturing.

PLM will ensure concurrent work capabilities, leading to process optimization. Configuration management will help you to maximize reuse, reducing overall costs. You’ll accelerate time-to-market and enhance competitiveness.


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ERP will bring efficiency in your business operations, thanks to process automation and stakeholders integration (Finance, R&D, Procurement, Production).

You’ll optimize resource utilization, and make possible data driven decision with real-time visibility. You’ll take benefits from resource allocation and prioritization.

By addressing these challenges through CAD, PLM and ERP integration, your company can enhance its operational efficiency, reduce errors, and achieve better control over their product development and manufacturing processes.

Nicolas' Skills overview

Data processing should not rely on Manual activity

CAD / PLM / ERP Integration:

  • >10 years of experiences in CAD / PLM / ERP integration
  • Ability to synchronize data across systems
  • Knowledge of market leading solutions

Data flow orchestration

  • Secured Files Transfer solutions relying on SFTP
  • Client / Server interfaces using REST API
  • Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) data processing

IT Project Management

  • Project scoping, planning, execution, and delivery
  • Mastering Waterfall and Agile Scrum methologies
  • Team guidance through changes and updates

My approach is rooted in a combination of strategic vision of industry challenges, and hands-on execution to implement robust and secured solutions


What can be resolved by integrating Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software ?

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Challenge: Companies often struggle with duplicated data and inconsistent information across various departments, leading to errors, delays and inefficiencies.

Solution: Integrating PLM and ERP systems ensures that data (such as Bills of Materials – BOMs) is synchronized and shared between product development and operations, reducing duplication and ensuring data accuracy.

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Challenge: Managing changes to products, designs, or processes becomes complicated when information is scattered across different systems, leading to errors and difficulties in tracking changes.

Solution: Integrating PLM and ERP enables automated change management processes, ensuring accurate communication across systems. This reduces errors, improves transparency, and speeds up decision-making.

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Challenge: Siloed departments result in poor communication and collaboration between design, engineering, manufacturing, and supply chain teams, leading to misalignment and delays.

Solution: Integration facilitates seamless communication and collaboration by providing real-time access to accurate data, enabling teams to work together efficiently and make informed decisions.

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Challenge: Limited visibility into inventory or manufacturing activities and resources can lead to overstocking, stockouts, and inefficient resource allocation in regard with objectives.

Solution: Integration enables real-time visibility into material availability, helping engineering teams prioritize and manufacturers optimize productivity, resources allocation.

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